Official Portrait

Fat-ass orange turd:
DJT? Yes, but also:
Dorian Gray’s match.

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2019

Note: Some may say I’m showing disrespect to the Office of the Presidency. That could be true but mine is certainly considerably less than
that exhibited by the current occupant himself with his nasty bullying, his interminable lying, his deliberate misrepresentations of fact, his vast and steadfast ignorance, and his unwillingness to admit he’s wrong about anything.


Reminder for the President

Your Oath, Mister Trump –
Uphold our Constitution,
not undermine it,
nor disgrace or ignore it,
nor mock it in word or deed.

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2018


If we doff our partisan lenses, and look at history more objectively,
we find that all our presidents since World War II – Truman, Eisenhower,
Kennedy, L. Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G. H. W. Bush, Clinton,
G. W. Bush, Obama and now Trump – have all failed, especially in respect
to foreign policy and war, and with the connivance of Congress, to uphold
the Constitution and treaties which, under the Constitution’s Supremacy
Clause, are the law of the land. The fact that ‘We the People’ have allowed
and continue to allow our government to perpetrate crimes against our
own laws, the law of nations, and humanity itself is a veritable indictment
of us and our democracy.

The New Ozymandias?

caravans of poor souls
fleeing turmoil of all kinds
are outrages to him.

he’d rather embrace
glowing orbs and Saudi sheiks
who dance with gold swords

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2018

“Rogue Killers?” No – Rogue President!

Trump gives autocrats
a pass whether Putin, Xi,
Kim, the Saudi King.
Why? Because he hopes
someday to emulate them.

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2018

Lección de español – contar lento para hacer el amor / Spanish lesson – counting slowly to make love [for C.]

cosa de mí y cosita de tí:
pertenecen juntas por supuesto
como pan y mantequilla,
como cuchillo y tenedor,
como arriba y abajo,
como por dentro y por fuera,
como duro y blando,
como agrio y dulce …
ven acá, ¡primor mío!
¡en tu boca toma la mía
mientras que besuqueo la tuya!


my thing and that little thing of yours:
they belong together of course
like bread and butter,
like knife and fork,
like up and down,
like inside and out,
like hard and soft,
like tart and sweet…
come here, my beauty!
take mine in your mouth
while I give yours big wet kisses!

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2018

A Modest Proposal

Many who support our current President say he’s good for the country because he’s shaking up the status quo – a position that is, to my mind, incontrovertible. So I’ll propose an action that will shake things up even more. Moreover, as the old saying has it, we can knock off two birds with the same stone. Here goes:

Mr. Trump should sign an EO [for which he’s now famous] ordering the Justice Department to start preparing indictments as war criminals of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and a slew of other de facto or de jure war criminals [in regard to the various wars we’ve been engaged in since 2001, and even before then.] That action will certainly shatter the all too familiar practice of successor administrations letting their predecessors escape with impunity “the rule of law.” Furthermore, it may even unite the Democrats and Republicans in Congress to trigger the impeachment of DJT and his sycophantic VP.

See?! We’d be knocking off two birds [really more] with one stone… And actually effecting the rule of law – thus turning a longtime myth into reality!

Who could ask for anything better than a return to the rule of law?

*    *    *

© Gregory V. Driscoll  2018

haiku – Mississippi nocturne

green glow from street lamps
mist rolls over the old town
paths to roads to streets…

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2018