memoria / memory – a poem in Spanish with English translation

avanzada la tarde
a hurtadillas me persigue
la reminiscencia
como pantera hambrienta
su lustrosa piel con manchas anulares
cintila por entre los frondosos
susurrillos del crepúsculo
me pasman al anochecer
esos luceros sin guiño
verdosos   de verdugo
me atarantan sin querer
sin mover   sin fingir
a pesar de la congoja
le ofrezco la mano temblona
y la lame la bestia
hermosa y casí amorosa
luego a mi garganta salta súbito
gotea sangre en la hojarasca
la noche abre como flor…

*    *   *


late in the afternoon
stealthily there stalks me
like a famished leopard
its lustrous skin
with ring-like spots
twinkles among the leafy
rustling of the twilight
at nightfall they startle me
those unblinking eyes   green
like those of the hangman
they stun me without wanting
without moving   without pretense
despite my chilling fear
I offer my trembling hand
beauteous almost loving
the beast licks my hand
then leaps suddenly at my throat
blood drops into the leaf litter
night opens like a flower…

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2012


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