Sic transit gloria mundi

the train pressing on through the countryside,
pushing through the darkness

is it still Georgia or now the Carolinas?

sitting in the lounge car:  the lights dim,
the card players’ banter,
a burst of worried laughter

as the long train passes through a town
I see a woman standing,
framed in her window, her room’s dim light
forming a nimbus around her

she looks at the train,
she looks, I think, at me

what is she thinking?
what am I to think?

what is this journey really?
-being in a moving cave,
but trapped nonetheless, seeing shadows on a wall?
-looking at the night sky and wishing?
wishing what?  that it will end?  or never end?
perhaps it’s all a dream, a trick, a scam

in the morning, I suddenly wake
from my sitting reverie
the hollows, gullies and dips in the landscape
are brimming with mist

the train still moves
but now through the light

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2012


2 responses to “Sic transit gloria mundi

  1. Beautiful visual. Makes me want to jump on a train and gooooooooo…..

  2. Thanks for your observation, and for visiting.

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