even now

even when our bodies calling out
and sweating  overflow with passion,
with longing I see your eyes
flying from me
black-winged butterflies suddenly rising
to the light of another sun…
I do not doubt you love me, dearest –
but then I think
could all this be no more than dream?

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2013


9 responses to “even now

  1. Reblogged this on poetreecreations.org and commented:
    Very emotional

  2. Thanks for the comment and for re-blogging this poem.

  3. Thanks for visiting and for your comment!

  4. Thanks – a pat on the back is almost as good as writing…

  5. *really.

    Stoopid autocorrect!

  6. And here I thought you were doing an imitation of one of my favorite actors, the grand Tallulah Bankhead!

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