fishing memory (for Lan)

on the early morning’s rising tide
in my dinghy I set off fishing
traveling with me   my fishing rod   my craft
are the sea and night-sky embracing
almost naked save for specks of stars
and a pair of silvery moons

the waves sing their deep gypsy song
my boat dances anchored flamenco steps
with little crystalline hands
sea breezes urge on the waves’ music
the dinghy’s dance    alert the fish are silent
gathered about their fireless hearths
as my silk-like line whistles
through the air   then through the water

noiselessly  subtly   the mist
approaches us   me with my rod and the dinghy
the saturating whiteness embraces me
almost with affection    the whole of me
it caresses    lulls me in its white arms
attentive still   I fall silent    a poet blinded
by the pearly nakedness of reclining cloud

I am lost in the loving whiteness
in a bright dream of you   my love
I am oblivious of anything more
but when my rod falls from my hands
into the dancing waves   I hear the fish singing

the mist and I entangled still
the dawn rises above the sea

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2013


2 responses to “fishing memory (for Lan)

  1. Gorgeous picture you have painted. So vivid. I felt part of your dusk fishing. 🙂

  2. Welcome to my dinghy! Thanks for the comment…

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