my heart’s wrapped
in the mist on the bay
the sharks of time and desire
tear at me    across the frenzied waves
do you hear my screams coming toward you?

my love is about to go under
in a sea of uncertainty
it’s afloat for the last time
like a petal fallen on stormy waters

will you mourn for my hope
shattered on the rocks
of too much longing?

by then I will have become
a barnacle   its entrails ripped out
by the force of the tides
by the spite of sun and moon and salt
with your foot distractedly
you’ll turn it over on the shore

I’m dying here among the shiny remains
of an unrequited love
‘I never learned your secret name’
is my only thought as I descend
into the murky depths of oblivion

the sharks whisper in my ear:
welcome, forsaken lover

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2013


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