written in freezing rain

this marvel how many times has she come down
in the form of rain or hail   sleet or snow
how many eyes have seen her
the skin of how many has she touched
how many creatures have heard
the clear music of her drops
played on the ground on roofs
and in the solitary heart
in the rivers she sings and in the seas
she sails through the skies
in galleons formed of clouds
she dances even before the joyous stars
she sears eyes filled with sadness
from fountains she leaps
she affrights in the mist   on stony ground
she brandishes lightning’s sword
sister to the winds is she
flowers she engenders and poisoned mushrooms
she nourishes all the living
in storm she seems the irate lover
ships she drowns and men and dreams
she gnaws away the bones of the dead
of the desert she is the great longing
she seduces mountains with her insistent kisses
wells she fills and empties cities
she blesses both the sinful and the just
wet now I here embrace this unfailing wellspring
this source of dreams    this avatar
who pours us from the pitcher of the stars

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014


3 responses to “written in freezing rain

  1. Thanks – hope you’re dealing well with this winter of much discontent…

  2. Surely I’m not the only person with cabin fever right now. I am trying to take in the last snowfalls, as it will be another year until we see it again. We received a fresh gift of a white blanket last night, into this morning. Not heavy enough to keep us hibernated but very pretty to look at and possibly play in.

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