a dream of swords

in your spirited eyes I sense the battle
of believers’ and pagans’ swords
and the fierce colors of mountains
hunting night and day for the unburdening
of the madcap sea

let me kiss your eyes

in your hair I touch songs in silken flight
from beclouded castles and the long night
of saints weeping for a love so strong
yet intangible as incense smoke

let me kiss your hair

on your lips and the roses
of your nipples   I sense
the noble soul of the sun
and the subtle hardness of the wind
in early morning   the madness
the incandescent brightness
of the blood of stars

let me embrace the very fire of you
so I may fuse like steel
again and yet again
in the sweet belly of the crucible

*     *     *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2014


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