fruit by light of sun and moon

at different times of day  sunlight
moonlight moving   ever changing
pale red grapes gone wild
dazzling raspberries firm with warmth
haloed blueberries of woodland spirit

how these pleasing fruits make my mouth water
oh goddess mine  let me offer my lips
in one prolonged adoring act of kissing
joined by my fingers gentle loving pincers

currants half spice   half honey
how they flash  silvered by my tongue’s anointing
how they burgeon when my stubble chafes them
in late afternoon   oh quivering fleshy blooms
may they bud   always   may they swell   may they share
love   with you and me the sweet stuff of ecstasy

pink glowing eyes ever alert in the shadows
oh nipples of my sylvan goddess

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014


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