transfiguration – a memory (for Lan)

one evening years ago  I passed through the park
on my way home from work    in the crosswinds
of the newborn Spring  there stood a huge oak
imperious   naked save for the light
from the setting sun    suddenly
there came in droves a flock of birds
and they landed on the oak’s bare branches
there was such a great number of them
that they seemed to be dark leaves
with eyes and wings and voices
what a ruckus   no   to the contrary:
it was a mix of happy concurrent songs
a riot of joy

the old tree filled me with its colors
its moving sounds    with the sunset behind it
the oak made me think:
how much I am like this old tree
since I met her
the darling of my heart’s fancy
I too am a riot of joy
the branches of my senses she’s filled
with eyes   with flutterings   with voices
how she makes my heart burgeon
with buds of longing   with racy verses

I didn’t want to move from the tree’s side
but I had to  for the ferry was waiting
even now I see that old oak
with it foliage of songsters
now recalling that transfigured moment
I tell you   love
how beautiful life is
and how precious
solely because of you

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014


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