amantis parabola (for Lan)

like the kingdom of heaven
in the parable was my affection
the smallest of seeds
until I met you
how much it has grown
it is now a tree which shelters
the birds of desire and song
it dances with the breeze at night
in a lovers’ dream    it sings
to the sun lush verses
it will conceal you when you wish
to be hidden    with every pedicel
with its root   with every branch
it praises you    it stands
only for your pleasure
it is even ready to submit
to the dire woodcutter’s hand
so as to serve you as kindling
against the cold   or to be your craft
to sail through stormy seas
here am I  love  ever ready

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014


3 responses to “amantis parabola (for Lan)

  1. How sweet! I think “The peasant…” may still be my favorite, but I like this one too. Funny, considering I usually find romantic poems obnoxious. Maybe that’s only the overly dramatic teen interpretation of the genre, though.

  2. Thanks for visiting again, and for your comment. Perhaps my romantic poems are really dramatic teen hyperbole but filtered through another fifty years of pain, happiness and learning – in any case they’re from the heart.

  3. I guess from the heart is all that really matters in any case!

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