a soupçon of braggadocio

it would not bother me if the sun were
not to shine again   for you warm me   love
your splendor bathes me in wondrous light

and if the soothing breeze were to die
it would do me no harm   for you lull me
to sleep   your dear breathing refreshes me

let the stars refuse to glimmer    your eyes
weave my dreams and bless me always

let the storm clouds cease to give forth raindrops
your wet lips quench my thirst   beloved

let other things withhold from me all contact
the touch of your skin is enough for me

and let the birds of dawn leave off singing
I hear always the music of your mellow voice

let nature shatter in pieces   beloved
let the cosmos fall into disarray
I’ll pay it no mind   for you are my all
only in you does my world consist
[kiss me now   love   but don’t turn out the light]

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2014


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