fancy’s storm

in the rain   whimsy fills me
you – this moist earth
of sprouted nerves
running through my dreams
of silken shamelessness
what a lively wanton filly  you
I – this dark clouded
lyric squall   shaggy-caped   moving
mounted on you   my wild one
what a worn-out rider  I
straddling you   oh my sweet madness
how this time so fickle
can make us excited and bold
the rain falls   a deluge
a deluge too   this persistent mirage
you – with flashing arms
howling torrent of caresses
circling dream in flesh
oh delirium of beauty
I – disheveled   thundering
roaring breathless wind
circling flesh of dream
oh raving fleetness   oh folly
you – this peerless earth
and I – mist upon your breast

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014


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