a memory from the future (for Lan)

like a sloop that runs through the waves I sail
every night without your presence
with breezes redolent of your grace and charm
the sails of my soul are filled
by the power of your stormy beauty
they tremble even now my mast and spars
down to my wandering keel
I turn my prow into the worried future’s mist
without you   love   without the light
of your eyes flashing through the darkness
I fear I’ll be drowned forever
in the desolate night of solitary beings
but suddenly across the waves
I hear your voice like that of sea nymphs
calling to me   summoning me    the prow
I turn now toward the rocks to run aground
on the beach lush with beloved memories
of your endearments   of your love
shipwrecked?   yes – I cannot deny it
but saved as well upon a friendly shore

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014


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