I watch the sun rise in the East
the fiery sphere troubles my vision
but what I really see is every
palpable curve of your body
bother turns to joy

in the garden the first Spring rose
ensnares me    the scent
of the rosebush entangles me
but what captivates me in truth
is your sweet dewy bloom  and now
I’m a bee laden with pollen

from the bowl I take some pomegranates
in my hand the firm sweetness lies
but what I feel myself touching
is the honeyed delight of your breasts
dreams change to sighs

on the cheek  night-walking breezes kiss me
but what I really sense is
your silken hair    sighs turn into
ceaseless longing    through the window
I can make out stars

the clarity of the starlight stings my soul
but what pierces through me is
the brightness of your eyes
they don’t let me rest even in my dreams
you love   dear love   each day there’s not a time
when I don’t think of you

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014


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