Midterm Elections Post-Mortem

Unfortunately everything will soon be in place to radically change the Federal government even more than it has been so far.

With the Republicans stealing votes in some states, blocking poor people from voting in others, coupled with the spineless acquiescence of most Democrat politicians, and Obama’s imperial intentions, his fostering the corporate agenda here and abroad, his phony “bipartisanism”, and his empty rhetoric, we will soon be in an unrecognizable “corporatized” wonderland, where corporations and the State keep tabs on every citizen for money-making and otherwise nefarious purposes.

FDR’s spirit will finally be exorcised from the Federal, state and local governments, and ‘friendly Judaeo-Christian fascism’ will take its place (it already controls many states, the U. S. Supreme Court and House of Representatives, and come January it will control the U. S. Senate).

The only hope is that enough people finally wake up, unite, and work together every day (not just at election time) to throw out all the bastards – Democrats and Republicans alike – namely, anyone who takes money from corporations, or even labor unions for that matter – and then set in place term limits (even for Supreme Court justices), the outlawing of corporate or labor union donations of money to election campaigns, the set up of mandatory exclusionary public funding of all candidates for office at all levels of government, and ending all the shenanigans about redistricting and blocking people from voting as well as warrantless surveillance of citizens and endlessly rising military and “domestic security” budgets.

But to accomplish all that, even with massive public support, will take a generation. After all it has taken two generations for the corporate rich to effect their master plan to role back the New Deal, the Fair Deal, and other progressive democratic programs for the majority of people in this country. The people can turn back the corporate tide more quickly because we don’t have to mask what we’ll be doing under phony “free market” and “democracy” shibboleths. We’ll just have to hope that the already militarized police forces will remember they have more in common with us than with their corporate-beholden paymasters.

Maybe my grandchildren will once again live in a somewhat real democracy; we don’t and older people like me definitely won’t again unless we live for another 50 years…and that’s unlikely.

Sorry to be a “downer” but I call ’em as I see ’em.

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2014


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