the betrothal

on this night of many words
right now I’ve realized
you are but an idea that grows
how sweetly in my heart   in my flesh
in every verse that I sculpt
seemingly from nothing but air and light
I am both Adam and God at once
forming you from some lost part of me
oh woman    oh embodied song
you are my heaven and my hell besides
you are my artfulness in flower
but I still have not let you be yourself
I have yet to let you say yea or nay
between us two there exists a tender
but tragic maybe    now I’ll end it
by asking you   are you mine in truth
or are you but a dream filled with stars
and the flashing of swords    in any case
the answer is a dagger that will make me bleed
but it must be answered    with or without words
you must answer me   even if I should die
more from fear of perishing without you
than any wound done upon this flesh of mine
yet stars I fear and the brandishing of swords

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2015


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