senryu – in re: invincible ignorance, fear-mongering, Fox News and Mr. Jindal

for Fox News and all
its fervid followers truth
is a “no-go zone”

*    *   *

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo atrocity,  Fox News was spinning one of their many webs of lies, deceit, misinformation and fear-mongering, this time in regard to what they call “no-go zones” in Paris and other cities in Europe.  In French these ZUS (Zones urbaines sensibles) designate areas in Paris and throughout the nation marked by the government for economic development, and are not “no-go zones”, that is, they are not zones where entry by French police and non-Muslims is forbidden or frowned upon by local “sharia-directed”  “authorities” or agents according to the rubbish disseminated by Fox News.

See below for a spot-on answer to such nonsense spewed forth by Murdoch’s overpaid and very un-journalistic “entertainers” like Sean Hannity, Jeannine Pirro,  and Elizabeth Hasselbeck…apparently echoed now – even despite the Fox News reports of “no-go zones” being debunked – by former Louisiana Governor Jindal who has his eye on running as the GOP presidential candidate in 2016…  Good luck with that, Bobby!

I’ve eaten in a number of the restaurants in the 10th Arrondissement ZUS & nearby Zones listed in the ‘Paris by Mouth’ article; I wasn’t wearing a keffiyah or a fez nor was I wearing a burnoose or djellaba…

© Gregory V Driscoll 2015


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