Republicans’ (and too many Democrats’) modus operandi – or is it a case of “mors tua, vita mea”?

There’s nothing new in Boehner’s inviting Bibi
so as to undermine talks with Iran,
except for the brazen openness of the ploy.
Just go back to Fall 1968 and Nixon’s spoiling
LBJ’s Paris talks with North Vietnam – the war
went on almost seven years more.  Or
recall Fall 1980 and Reagan’s sabotaging
Carter’s efforts to have the Iranian mullahs release
the U. S. embassy hostages – perhaps
it’s in their blood or rises from the prospect
of their sponsors getting even more money
in the form of more or larger contracts.
Let’s hope that this time our people learn
how dishonorable, even verging on treason,
such deceit really is.  See the links below
for more info on the Nixon and Reagan plots
and their cover-up and consequences.

*    *   *

Note: Like a bad penny, Steven Emerson who co-authored one of the October Surprise debunking stories in the 1990’s has returned again to warn us about “no-go zones” in Paris and other European cities – fear-mongering which was later debunked by multiple fact-checkers.  And yet he is an “expert on terrorism”!

© Gregory V Driscoll 2015


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