on the verge of sinking: a memory (for Lan)

even in my inner workings  rain falls
across a life as yet unknown
the winds of caprice push me onward
they drive forward this heart of mine
filled like a child’s with cake and cream
and these drops on my cheeks
are they tears or pieces
of wayward and fallen clouds
I know not    oh dear woman  it’s hard
to think    my pen’s fallen silent   yet
like lightning the thought has struck me
that I dwell at the core of some great country
made of dreams so alluring and pleasing
but dreams withal    again there strikes me
the force of another notion:
you go bearing with you this realm
so congenial built from your beauty
and my desire   from our gestures   our love
oh dearest I write this
as the boat crosses the waves roiling
the Bay of Nha Trang    how much at nature’s
mercy is this poor craft of ours
how much our joy depends upon
your answer to my mute question hidden
behind the words in every poem of mine
behind every kiss and every touch
speak now please or we go under
you  the vessel and I…

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2015


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