the geometry lesson [a bawdy poem]

a lecherous poet am I
there is no denying it   but I am
a geometer as well   an expert
in arcs and curves   in cylinders and globes
how much such forms fascinate me

for example: that of your buttocks
solid but frisky as you jiggle them
so that now I’m lost because of you
what an enticing structure –
twin hemispheres made of honeyed flesh
with dimples flanking the coccyx…

geometers  you know  are by nature
empiricists   they prove things only by
experience   come then  my love
let’s measure those arcs and curves
against the standard of my thighs
let’s weigh the mass of that behind
in the scales of my groin    look
the pointer    oh it’s nearly upright…

oh your shapely hips   how they sway
oh how much science excites me
because of you I’m a scholar indeed…

…well then   love   have I shown you
I’m more than some lewd poet?   NO?!
well   no matter then
for a dirty old man once told me:
a leopard never changes its spots

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2015


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