separation – a memory (for Lan)

drunken with your beauty I pass
night after night without rest
intoxicated with your love    I want not
the power to free myself from this longing
that tears me apart in sleeplessness
I wander through a desert of freedoms
consuming images of you:
hair of restless silk
eyes of dancing tigress
skin of nacre gilded
arms of secret charms
hands of comets of fire
breasts of sources hidden
belly of honeyed wave
strait sweet thing
of wild strawberries made
buttocks of lyrical wonder
legs of clouds echoing thunder
feet that bear a heavenly burden:
images of you that float
above the sandlike waves
of this arid sea the dawn wind
cuts from me  drunken with your beauty
intoxicated with love of you
each night far from you I die
in the high barren plains
of my wakefulness

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2015


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