The poet’s blunt honesty

Some would say what attracts them
is your wanton rump or those splendid breasts.
Others: your smile, or those intriguing eyes.
Or that you seem both perverse and innocent.
As for me, I’m not so romantic nor so naive.
I simply lust for you. Just your presence arouses me.
What consumes me is the wish to pleasure you.
True – your beauty is partly wanton rump,
superb breasts, alluring smile and eyes,
a girl’s innocence and a woman’s sure perversity.
But it lies as much in your being almost beyond
reach, a fantasy and yet like the girl next door.
Whatever happens, you are a woman most worthy of a poem
and I am ever the poet ready to please you,
both with passion’s words and passion’s deeds.

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2015


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