reminiscence from the future

her granddaughter came running
in her hand the little packet of papers
she’d found it in a trunk in the basement
as she looked for things to play with

she gave the packet to the old woman
what is this  grandma  and whose is it
the woman’s heart filled with dusty memories
‘they’re poems, my little one   mine   from him’

her eyes seemed to look off into the distance
‘he wasn’t very handsome  little one
but how courteous and charming
nor did he dress well

for he was a poet in disguise’
the old woman smiled
‘here he is   disguised again
in these sheets of paper

ha   after so many years there is still
a scent of wine about the ink’
the old woman fell silent then suddenly:
‘listen  little one   is that the wind

no no   it is he once more
disguised in the breeze’s laughter’
one single tear erased
the tender memories

‘take them  little one   put them once more in my past’
her granddaughter took from the old woman
the packet of dried out pages
and began to run toward the past

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2016


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