standing at the bar on a Friday night – a memory

after long hiatus
standing at the bar
with my friend Rodney S.

as she brings my drink  Lyn
shoots a barbed complaint at me
about two year’s worth of
Christmas gifts wreaking havoc
in the space of her small closet
but she pats my hand and smiling tells me
she’s just glad to see me there again

I mull over how the body perceives things
people   changes before the mind appears to –
from this delay must come the false
dichotomy felt between flesh and spirit
I turn my head toward my friend farther down the bar
I see his stunned look
as the other blonde bartender
whispers something to him –
he seems so far away at that moment
so lost   so utterly alone

I move down next to him
my silence matches his
forms a refuge
from the blaring music
then my asking why and his reply:
Just when you’ve found someone
you’ve come to really care about
she decides it’s time for her
to move on.   
we each in silence sip our drinks
the music sounds even louder now
as the neon sign in the window
flutters like a heart beating

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2016


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