Another “Machiavellian Moment”

On the ramparts Hillary sits
much like some Humpty-Dumpty
set to have a great fall –
wobble, wobbling, wobbled
to and fro, yes yes and no no…
When it finally happens
the horses will scatter,
the lord’s men won’t matter
and many will suddenly recall
Bernie saying he’s heard
all too much about ‘her damn emails’,
that he’d support her if she wins
the nomination – both of these, unfortunately,
incontrovertible proofs of poor judgment.
They’ll call in Biden and / or Warren
to lead the battle against the Befuddler Drumpf,
who like the Red Queen, keeps yelling
“Off with their heads!” while his mouth
like a motor interjects new outrages
and his deluded fans brush up
on a synopsis of “Mein Kampf “
and Benito’s “Essays on Fascism”
(in translation of course). In the end,
all the limousine liberals and neocons will await
a “Hamilton!”-like production on Broadway,
count their profits and move somewhere off shore.
The rest of us will still be stuck here
trying to change in the streets what
so many fools thought the rotten old parties
could do through the ballot box.
[Heard in the background
in crescendo:
Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”…]

*     *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2016


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