‘Fessing Up

Since January 20th I’ve pondered
deeply and long on our country’s new top
executive. And I’ve decided, yes –
he is incompetent and vastly unknowing,
as well as a tad insane. But, hell, he will
finally destroy the Republican Party
and also that of the Democrats: that’s
surely something in his favor! Yes, folks, yes.
But sadly, in achieving that worthwhile goal,
he’ll also crush our economy and, yes,
like Samson, pull down the very pillars
of our government, perhaps even our society itself.
But let’s admit: the structure was already undermined,
quite deliberately neglected. We’ve too foolishly
abandoned our democratic roots in pursuit
of world hegemony and being top dog.
There have been all too many snarls and bites,
so now it’s time to whimper and to grovel.

*    *    *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2017


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