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I love you more than the lark loves the air
or the wan lilac loves the sun

I need you more than the grouper needs the sea
or seedlings of rice need the loam

for me  love  you are
for you bear me on your unblemished breast

for you warm me with your passion  wit and charm

for you buoy me up with your laughter and good cheer

you make me grow lusty through your endless beauty

here I finish this   my brief litany
of endearments for you  Orchid of Jade

*     *     *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2014


alfeñique of my heart (for Lan)

beloved and beautiful    my cache of honey
your body    your spirit:   confectioneries
full of every sweetness    even your sweat
carries tasty traces of sugar paste
ah  delectable light almond tinted skin
ah  sugary fluid of your rosy bud
which imbues my very dreams
with your elegant panache
your womanly gestures   your charm   your wit
sure am I  I’ll never find them cloying
cache of honey   oh beloved and beautiful

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2014

a reminiscence (for Lan)

sitting on the bed I watch her sleeping
her face has still the charm it had
when we first met in the midst of war
all those years  all those heartbeats ago
has still the grace and beauty that drew me
to her simple open unpretentiousness
just now I remember the day
we took a boat ride on the Sài Gòn River

somewhere there’s the photo I took that day
she stands in three-quarter profile
smiling    her white áo dài’s panels stirred by breezes
the silk trousers shimmer in the sunlight
she’s poised to step into the boat for our tour
along the river    the boatman holds the craft
near the bank with his push-pole oar

aloud she says  If I fall in the water  Anh
will you jump in after   to rescue me?

but  Em  I don’t know how to swim  I say

you’ll learn quickly  Anh – you must   to save me

she stirs in her sleep   she whimpers
or is it gentle laughter from that day
so many heartbeats ago  so far away

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2014

Note: In Vietnamese, lovers, husbands and wives, use familial terms in addressing each other: Anh means older brother; Em means younger sister.

serendipity (for Lan)

into my life you’ve fallen
like a fruit through leaves
or a shooting star through the heavens –
unexpected but most fortunate

you are the very marrow of my bones
your charm gives me life
your every breath is
a beat of my heart

to think of you is philosophy
and to be with you the wisdom
of living itself
Nirvana in earnest

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2013

Entreacto / Entr’acte – a poem in Spanish with English translation

Sentado aquí estoy desempeñando
un payaso en la brillantez
de un sueño de fuentes.
¡Amor mío!  ¡Mi fuente de sueños!
¡Mirame!  Tu payaso de versos.
Tu malabarista de frases.
Tu remedador de voces.
¡Cuántas veces no he podido expresarme!
Me escondía cada vez
en un matorral de palabras,
mientras me perseguía tu verdad.
Mas ahora por fin debo exprimirlo.
¡Mirame!  Tu payaso de versos.
Me fija la cadena de tu encanto.
Me atormenta la daga
desenvainada de tu primor.
Me mata la mansedumbre de tu sonrisa.
¡Que me muera por tí!
para subir al cielo
de almas sin disfraz.

*    *   *


Sitting here I am playing
a clown in the brightness
of a dream of fountains.
My love!  My source of dreams!
Look at me!  Your clown of verses.
Your juggler of phrases.
Your mimic of voices.
How many times I could not express myself!
I would hide every time
in a thicket of words,
while your truth pursued me.
But now at last I must let it forth.
Look at me!  Your clown of verses.
The chain of your charm binds me.
The drawn dagger of your beauty
torments me.  The gentleness of your smile
slays me.  May I die for you –
to ascend to the heaven
of souls without disguise.

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2012

Love Poem (written to Diana J., for Bobby D.)

What could rival the beauty of your face,
that mirror of such wonder and delight?
Only your body’s joyous bounty,
that feast for loving eyes.
Only your undaunted charm
could challenge the magic of such a face and form.
I wish you were my heart’s true friend.
For now, lovely one, I am slave
to your grace, to my desire for you.
Either free me with a No, fool!
or let me die, secure within your arms!

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2012

note on a napkin found crumpled after the bar’s closing

To see the children of my fancy
sprawled in ink across the page,
seraphs soaring to the reader’s paradise –
it is, I fear, my great undoing.
Words do my bidding.  Or is it I who do theirs?
With soundless voice, to you they sing:
Our master (the lout!) his greetings sends.
Your grace and beauty quite enchant him.
If it please you, his eyes would joy
to read your script and sense the charm
of your kindly words.  He humbly begs reply.

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2012