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Support the sky, you wizened trees!
Hold your hard sinewy limbs aloft
to touch heaven’s face in Spring
with your unfolding leafy palms,
emerald, olive, lime, and jade.

Dance shamelessly with the Summer wind!
Rock the sun in your woody arms!
Let the rains turn your gray trunks
dark with their teeming liquid kisses!

In Autumn’s dusk, maple and oak and pine,
horse chestnut, myrtle, sycamore and birch –
dark sentinels of steadfast courage.
Bright messengers of fortitude at dawn,
scatter your raiment to the four winds!

Dear reminders of the cycle of life,
you keep singing of wonder
even as you shiver and creak and moan
in the North Wind’s frozen embrace.

*     *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2011