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Look!  Look at me here, a viper, a beast
small enough to fit within your hand,
yet large enough for both of us
to make a world of pleasure and mad dreams,
a kingdom of cloud and stone.
Look at me here, a viper filled
not with venom but wild sweet words,
the silence of mountains, the music of stars.
My Cleopatra, come!  Clasp me to your breast!
In the fullness of loving, we both shall die
to rise again as cloud and stone.

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll 2011


Amour contrarié

Woman!  In this wind-racked place, I think of you
while leaves allied with freezing rain attack.
Builder of words, master of dreams am I,
my body as desperate for your arms
as waves are for the shore,
on which to crash with roaring sighs,
a myriad of salty opalescent gems.
Oh, lovely one!  Alas, I see:
For all my candor, for all my art,
poor fool, I cannot be the consort
in that stormy kingdom of your heart!

*     *    *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2011

Thought in Autumn

Oh, Love!  Daystar!  Maker of my seasons!
A red maple I stand
in the light of your perfection.
First you coaxed buds from me
and made me a wonder in the fields.
My springtime was a song of coy greeting,
of words leaping into being.
Then you crowned me with leaves,
red as the fire in your lips
sweet as the voice of pleading.
My Summer became a kingdom
ruled by butterflies.
And now in this Autumn you take away
one by one the banners of my joy.
They fall bitter memories to earth.
Soon once more I shall be bare,
waiting for Winter’s icy hand
to caress my starkness.  Yet
you shall shine still, silent mistress.
Still you shall rule my seasons
until the woodsman comes
to make me into kindling
to stoke some dreamy fire…
See me in the flames
red as the fire in your lips
sweet as the voice of pleading…

*    *    *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2011