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simple desires (for Lan)

let me be your mirror   love   so that I
may be the first and last to see you
every morning and every night and so
hold you   if but in reflection
naked and so radiant   may I be
your coffee cup so that each day
you may handle me and keenly greet me
with the vividness of those lips
so red  so very red   oh let me be
your comb  to untangle the dark secrets
of your hair   to travel with you
in your purse of everyday   may I be
your bed’s silk sheet to cover you at night
and learn profoundly the sweetness
of your dear flesh   your pillow let me be
so that I may kiss your cheek  sleep with you
in a dream bewitched by affection  night
after night  my dear love  my very life

*     *     *

© Gregory V Driscoll 2014


Haiku – insomnia

pillow hard    eyes wide
awake I lie as stars wink
in the clear night sky

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2013

Un recuerdo lejano / A far off memory – a poem in Spanish with English translation

En la oscuridad
me siento yo a solas
excepto esta noche veraniega
y el humo errabundo
de la fogata
y mi gran cariño por ti.
Como pequeñas barcas
en un mar tenebroso
las luciérnagas alumbran su rumbo
hacia ti por la noche y mi sueño.
Yo de momento yo acompañándolas
a través del cielo soñoliento
vuelo… vuelo… vuelo
y luego por fin me poso yo
luz estelar sobre almohada tuya.

*    *   *


In the darkness
I sit quite alone
except for this summer night
and the wandering smoke
of the campfire
and my great love for you.
Like little boats
on a murky sea
the fireflies light their way
toward you through the night and my dream.
I – right now – I accompanying them
across the sleepy skies
fly and fly and fly
and then at last I land
starlight on your pillow.

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2012

Stirring in the dawn (To Melissa; for Kevin P.)

Stirring in the dawn, how I wish
the night of your hair had darkened my pillow!
For so long, oh sol de mis tardes,
have I seen you the earth of my dreams!
And so, I dream now, in my cup of wine
as you pour more illusion for the beggars we are,
beggars of beauty, together alone…
The night of your hair!  My pillow’s pallor!

*    *   *

(c) Gregory V Driscoll  2011