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litany in praise of her beauty (for Lan)

– living gold that puts the sun to shame
– surface of dream in the full moon’s light
– coolness that burns the fingers that touch it
– whiteness that awes me in the bed’s shadows
– expanse of sweetness in my fond embrace
– pure vastness of nerves singing
– sentient snow that melts my senses
– living parchment where is written all that beauty knows
– smooth encampment of love
– fragile swathe poised for romps of passion
– fleshy fabric full of stars
– lively song primed for touching like lilies at nightfall
– delicate off-white silk of kisses on the wind
– brilliance embued with panting dawn
– tangible lyrics of clouds in the heavens
– firm milky sea over which sails the craft of my mouth
– very fine net that ensnares without fail my every glance
– steady caprice of the swan gliding
– palpable cooing of white doves
oh, dearest love, there aren’t words enough
or time…

*    *   *

© Gregory V Driscoll  2015